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What to Expect When You Come to the Professional Actor's Studio

What to expect in our acting classes

We invite you to visit the Professional Actor's Studio and enroll in our acting classes and filmmaking workshops. But before you do, here's what you should know. Click a link below to view pages in this section:

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What did he say about our acting classes?

Whether acting for the stage or for the camera, the Professional Actor's Studio has and will continue to be a cutting-edge training groud ... the "Top Gun" of acting schools in this state. I am proud to not only call you my teacher but also my friend and fellow actor.

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She said great things about our acting classes.

Having studied "Method" acting years before in New York and finding it not to be a viable acting vehicle for me, I found the straight forward and honest teaching approach of Nick Conti to be one of the best teaching "Methods" for me. Nick Conti not only breaks an actor of "bad habits" but also teaches you the gift of always stretching beyond your capabilities and taking chances that the average auditioning/working actor won't take.

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