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Improv Performances at the Studio
The Last Saturday of Every Month 7:30pm

Acting Classes in Atlanta, Georgia with Acting Instructor Nick Conti . Phone (404) 943-1873

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Improvisational Acting


Ongoing Improv Acting Workshop and Performance Troupe

The Professional Actors Studio is proud to announce its newest ongoing workshop, 'The Improv Acting Troupe'.

This special class is only available to intermediate and advanced actors and will be taught by Brian Chapman, a long time main stage performer at The Whole World Theatre Company, and member of The Professional Actors Studio. Actors in this workshop will also have an opportunity to be selected to perform on a monthly basis in an elite 'Professional Actors Studio' troupe, which will perform improv shows at the studio on a monthly basis. These actors will be paid for their performances.

This class will help to further develop...

  • Your creativity and moment to moment instincts
  • Stronger performing and speaking skills
  • Better listening and reacting skills
  • A better understanding of the dynamics of scenes that you create
  • Continued creation of unique new characters, character voices, accents and physicality
  • A focus on the relationship between characters
  • Stronger choices and a fuller commitment to these choices
  • Your auditioning skills for commercials, films and stage

This workshop includes on-camera work.

Improvisational Acting classes will be held on Monday evenings 7:30 - 10:30

Cost $110 per month (ongoing).
($35 discount if you take this workshop in addition to regular acting classes at the studio. Only $75!)

Live Improv Troupe Show

Witness the spectacle of live improvisational performance art.

This thrilling emotion-based show will have you laughing one minute, crying the next. Watch in wonder as the studio actors create a scene in front of your eyes.

Visit the Troupe's website for show details.

A satisfied customer recently told us-
"You all did it again!  The show from Saturday night was fantabulous!  The performances had me and my boyfriend laughing out loud...tummy hurting for the full 90 minutes.  I've seen other shows before and hands down you guys are the best!  You all are the most creative, energetic, and funny people I've seen.  I can't wait to see another show and tell my friends about Playing in Traffic."


You may contact us and audit these acting classes for free. (404) 943-1873.


New-Beginner/Intermediate Improv Workshop

An improv class for those new to improvisation.

This new class provides the beginning to intermediate improv actor with all of the fundamentals of improvised acting, focusing on how to build a successful scene with a partner or partners. Learn how to be successful in auditions and be further transformed into a great scene partner for increased success and collaboration in scripted work. Discover how to think and act "on your feet", improve your listening and reacting skills, and become a more instinctual actor. In addition, actors in this class will be considered for advancement to the Professional Actors Studio performance troupe, "Playing In Traffic", which performs Sunday nights, with pay. This fun-filled class is taught by Brian Chapman.

The Beginner/Intermediate Improv classe meets on Wednesday evenings from 7:30 pm to 10:30 pm.

Cost is $110.00 per month (ongoing).

($35.00 discount if you take this workshop in addition to regular acting classes at the studio. Only $75.00!)

You may contact us to audit this class for free. (404) 943-1873.

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The Professional Actor's Studio, Atlanta. Quick Facts:
Nick Conti has been teaching acting lessons in Atlanta, Georgia area for many years. He has been an actor and teacher for 30 years and a member of Actor's Equity, SAG and AFTRA. Having worked and taught in both New York and Hollywood, Mr. Conti is excited to now call Atlanta his home.
The Professional Actor's Studio provides acting classes atlanta, acting workshops, improv classes and cold reading classes for actors in the Atlanta, Georgia region. If you are interested in acting lessons and atlanta please come to audit an acting class for free.
The studio also provides filmmaking classes and acting showcases. Become expert at auditions, monologues, improvisations, cold readings, and roles in TV, film, commercials, and theatre! For information on Atlanta acting classes, Atlanta acting studios, acting workshops, improv classes and filmmaking classes. Also acting agents in Atlanta, casting directors, headshot photographers and more. To find out more call (404) 943-1873
If you have any questions about Acting and Atlanta, or want to speak to an acting teacher, call the Professional Actor's Studio, Atlanta, Georgia. Nick Conti can answer all your questions about acting in Atlanta and talk to you about acting classes in the Atlanta, Georgia area. Acting classes in Atlanta are not the same, find out why by auditing an acting lesson for free at the Professional Actor's Studio Atlanta, Georgia.